A new kind of property
management company


The Packard Companies' culture is one of individualized service and continuous improvement, strengthened by a collective "task force" approach to every client project and property. Our clients and board of directors expect, and receive, innovation through creative strategies and problem-solving.

Our business model is structured to provide customization rather than a one-fits-all approach. We pride ourselves on being open to all possibilities, allowing us the flexibility to accommodate the particular needs of each ownership group with a program tailored specifically for them.

A corporate spirit of commitment and transparency fuels our business practices, policies and systems. Our experience, creativity and persistent resourcefulness make our clients, and the boards and membership we serve, feel heard and valued.

In our roles as managers, fiduciaries and agents, The Packard Companies' client service is underscored by remedies - not excuses - a pledge to never compromise our ethics or integrity, but to always anticipate required actions and be accountable for meeting and exceeding expectations.