A new kind of property
management company

Creating Value

When you contract Packard, you actually contract three individual yet integrated organizations. Rather than a single company spread thin over too many disciplines, where every field of service suffers, you benefit from the expertise, experience and team work ethic of a company that specializes in your needs.

No matter the project, we don't just have a department for it; we have a company for it. It is that level of service, working with seasoned experts dedicated expressly to your field, which creates value for you – no wasted effort, no unnecessary hoops to jump through.

By cross-utilizing the knowledge and skills developed in the operations of each company, we ably position your property for maximum profitability within its market. We enhance the value of your contract with a full-service, turn-key approach – identifying what needs to be done, assessing how best to do it, doing it in a cost and time-efficient manner and then managing the results for maximum return.

That's how Packard Companies differentiates itself from other real estate, hospitality management companies and association management companies.